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We used Jira for project task management, Atlassian Confluence for requirement and code documentation. The project is based on CodeIgniter & MySql, Administration panel and Front-End is using Javascript and VueJs.
Washing platform

Fresh laundry, available at any time, picked up at the doorstep and delivered back home - simple, affordable and sustainable! That was the idea with which we (Thomas, Jafar, Gzim, Jacopo, in the picture below from left to right) launched vosh.ch at the end of 2019. In our entry-level jobs, we realized how tedious it is to have the laundry cleaned all the time at a high cost or to do it ourselves - who feels like washing and ironing shirts after a long day of work when the laundry is already closed? Since there was no solution tailored to our needs (uncomplicated, sustainable, reasonably priced), we created it ourselves - thus vosh.ch was born.

With vosh.ch you can easily pick up your laundry via our online platform. At a time convenient to you (usually 1-2 days later), your laundry will be cleaned and ironed and returned to you. This is done by our \"Vosher\", which are private individuals or cleaning companies selected and trained by us, who offer their services on vosh.ch.

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