That’s what gets us up every day.

Who we are

MangoSoft is a private held company founded in Struga, North Macedonia in 2015 and operates in the worldwide market of IT. We expect to catch the interest of a regular loyal customers with their personalized needs. Moreover, we aim to offer our services at a competitive price market to meet the demands of wider customer range.

  • Simply do the work you’d be proud to put in to your portfolio. The kind of work that will make you and your client partners famous.
  • Creating the most inspiring workplace for consultants, we will enable and support our employees to be innovative and committed and create the best possible solutions with our customers.
  • Our committed team is dedicated to delivering solutions and services that create true business value.
  • Flexibility, quality and integrity position us as trusted advisers and partners to our customers on a daily basis.
everything matters
Team Spirit

We work with the best and invest in our team to reach their full potential. Our team is our strength.


Our word is our guarantee. Our trust in each other enables us to achieve the impossible.


Our customers are our partners, and our business prospers when our partners prosper.


We balance our intellectual and personal growth and strive for excellence in both.


Through honest and open communication, our team solves problems together by speaking our minds and listening to one another.


We challenge ourselves to keep improving, and we never compromise on quality. Perfection is a journey, and we strive towards it.

we are all
wonderfully imperfect
Creative CEO - Software Architect
Leotrin Elmazi
CEO - Software Architect
Trendy CTO - Database Architect & Analyst
Fitim Ismaili
CTO - Database Architect & Analyst
Software Engineer & Analyst
Berat Ajredini
Software Engineer & Analyst
QA & Backend Developer
Arben Nasufi
QA & Backend Developer
QA & UI/UX Designer
Gjyladin Selmani
QA & UI/UX Designer
Front-End Developer
Largeta Ajro
Front-End Developer
Front-End Developer
Jehona Vejseli
Front-End Developer
Full-Stack Developer
Arianit Pollozhani
Full-Stack Developer
Mobile App Developer
Lundrim Iljazi
Mobile App Developer
Mobile App Developer
Ditlir Emush
Mobile App Developer
Saranda Rramani
Intern Front-End Developer