Web Development
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Technologies Laravel MongoDB Flutter Ionic (Angular) VueJs MySql
Client Modapascher © 2021
We used Jira for project task management, Atlassian Confluence for requirement and code documentation. The project is based on Laravel & MongoDB, Live Stream is based on the WebRTC, Administration panel is using Javascript, Livewire and VueJs and for Mobile Apps we used Ionic (Angular with Cordova).
Modern E-Commerce

Modapascher is an online sales company created in July 2016 by Ketty, professional and passionate about the field of beauty.
With priority to offer you jewelry, accessories and fashion pieces, makeup, cosmetics and household and decoration items at an affordable price.

Much more than a retail company, Modapascher is a big family! We welcome hundreds of people on each of our 100% fun and 100% girly Facebook live from Sunday to Thursday from 8pm to midnight and we love to see you at each of these appointments.

RestfulAPI Development
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