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about this project

Admify is a comprehensive web and mobile application project that transforms the service industry by seamlessly connecting service providers and clients through user-specific portals. The platform offers two distinct portals, one for Providers and another for Clients, each designed to streamline their respective workflows and enhance overall efficiency. By embracing modern technology, Admify empowers service providers to discover new leads, manage client-related tasks, create offers, and receive online payments—all through their mobile devices. Simultaneously, clients benefit from a platform that simplifies lead creation, task management, receipt of service offers, and online payments, providing a convenient and efficient tool to meet their service-related needs.

client : admify

date : November 2019

category : App Development

backend frontend qa tools
Laravel Blade
Ionic (Angular)
Manual Testing
API Testing
Jira (Atlassian)
Shared Hosting


mobile apps (client/provider)


years of ongoing cooperation


development team members


clients using the app

problem to solve

Traditionally, the service industry has grappled with inefficiencies and complexities in connecting service providers with clients. Service providers often face challenges in finding leads, managing tasks efficiently, and handling the intricacies of client interactions, while clients may struggle to discover reliable service providers and manage their requirements seamlessly. This gap in communication and coordination can lead to missed opportunities, delayed tasks, and a lack of transparency in service transactions.


Admify addresses the challenges in the service industry by providing a tailored solution for both service providers and clients. The platform offers distinct portals based on the user's role—Provider or Client. For service providers, it streamlines the process of finding leads, managing tasks, creating offers, and receiving online payments through a mobile-friendly interface. Clients, on the other hand, benefit from a platform that simplifies lead creation, task management, receiving offers, and making online payments. The mobile applications ensure that users can access the platform anytime and anywhere, fostering efficient communication and collaboration between service providers and clients. "Admify" stands as a modern solution, bringing convenience and transparency to the service industry by bridging the gap between service providers and clients.

RestfulAPI Development
Web Administration Panel
Android APP