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Technologies Laravel
Ionic (Angular)
Platforms WEB
Client Uniestro CH
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We used Jira for project task management, Atlassian Confluence for requirement and code documentation. The project is based on Laravel & MySql, Administration panel is using Javascript and VueJs and for Mobile Apps we used Ionic (Angular with Cordova).

We talk everyday about digitalization, how easily we get things done and how fast we can exchange data, but at the end of the day we still end up with a piece of paper in our hands.

Admify came to us with a clear vision, they were thinking about a process flow that was going to help everyone to get their letters on time and on their device, so the clients are going to move their postal box to Admify and they will scan every coming letter and send to their Digital Box immediately.
Clients have their own cloud space in the platform and create their task management, a consultant was ready at any time.

During development the project evolved and the idea from a single point service provider grow up to a marketplace where any service provider can publish services and every customer can request an offer and buy a service. ‎

IT, fiduciary services, law, marketing and design

‎ Generate more revenue for your business without upfront payments for leads. By creating bargains and services for free on the admify marketplace. You benefit from digital walk-in customers and no longer need risky and costly online marketing campaigns.
Earn an additional income by looking after your regular customers and receive 3% of all purchases you make on the admify marketplace.

RestfulAPI Development
Web Administration Panel
Android APP