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Woomain for Digital Influencers

Description :

We developed a user based platform, for connecting Instagram users with agencies to be their digital influencer in social media.We give the opportunity for advance search which you can not find in Instagram.


Implementation :

Design: Responsive and able to be pulled up on mobile devices

Database: Model based data management - MySql Server for saving data

Code: MVC PHP framework

API: Instagram API request management


Design :

Project includes different design layout and interface for each section :

Home Page

Login , Register, Forget Password

User Profile, User Settings, Search for campaigns, Search for Instagram Users

Company Profile, Company Settings, Search for Instagram Users, Search for campaigns

Add & Edit Campaign, List of applicants,

Custom Pages

Logo Design


Used technologies :

For building up the entire project we have used :

Laravel 5.4



Javascript & jQuery

MySql Server

Instagram API



Duration :

8 weeks (40 days, 300 hours)

Web Development
Woomain for Digital Influencers