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Graphic Design

Web Design

App Dev


MangoSoft is a private held company that operates in the worldwide market of Information Technology. MangoSoft expects to catch the interest of a regular loyal customers with their personalized needs. Moreover, we aim to offer our services at a competitive price market to meet the demands of wider customer range.

The Company

MangoSoft is a new company founded in Struga, Macedonia in 2015. It is equally owned and managed by its two partners. Mr. Fitim Ismaili is a just graduated master student from University of Fribourg in Switzerland with an extensive experience in software engineering and agile methodologies. Mr. Leotrin Elmazi is an expert level programmer and software analyst. More details can be found in our CV’s. The company hires more contract programmers based on project size and complexity.


MangoSoft offers a broad range services, all from simple web page programing to complex custom software solutions. The company provides configuration of existing web framework solutions, PHP programing, ets. Our extensive knowledge of programing languages has lead us to developing various custom software with Java, VB, C#, etc. Most of our work is programmed from ground zero in order to provide solution for our customer needs.

The Market

We define our market as web and software development. Some of our notable customers include medium and large business located all around the world. MangoSoft wants to establish a large regular customer base, and therefore concentrate its business marketing in solving custom needs which have no ready to use solutions. This is our goal to establish a healthy and consistent revenue base, to ensure stability of the business.


We compete directly with IT companies providing their services online. Our products are unique and superior compared to others because of our on time and on budget finish, and fast responese on problems.We have a competitive advantage because of our speed to market, premium quaity results and our low prices.

Professional skills

The majority of our clients work with us on

HTML5 & CSS3 (Bootstrap, Zurb Foundation, Sass)


Javascript (jQuery, Angular)


User Interface / User Experience


Graphic Design(Photoshop, Illustrator)


PHP & MySQL(Laravel, Codeigniter, Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla ...)


Mobile Dev (Java Android, Swift, Ionic)


Software Dev (VB.NET, C#.NET, Java)


Marketing Strategy